Appellate Practice in Cleveland, Ohio

If you are looking to involved in a pending appeal, or are looking to appeal a court’s decision, turn to Skirbunt & Skirbunt LLC. Our Cleveland, Ohio based law firm has helped families navigate the appellate process for over 30 years.

Appellate Practice: What is it and why is it necessary?

Litigation rarely concludes with the trial court’s decision. If the parties have invested the time, energy, and money to fund a contested divorce trial to conclusion, it is a near certainty that one side, or both, will seek a review of the trial court’s decision by the court of appeals. Indeed, each side has the right to appeal the decision of the trial court. The appellate process can take more than a year to complete following the conclusion of the divorce trial. For this reason, it is important to consider the appellate skills of counsel when selecting attorneys for litigation. No additional evidence is taken in the appellate process, but the positions of the client must be artfully framed and drafted in briefs in an effort to persuade the appellate court. Precision as to language, and sophistication as to nuance in language, are required for success in the appellate arena.

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Skirbunt & Skirbunt LLC's Appellate Skills and Experience

Experienced Appellate Attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio

The attorneys at Skirbunt & Skirbunt LLC have a depth of experience in appellate matters. The firm does the legal writing and oral arguments for appeals in which the lawyers of the firm have acted as trial counsel on behalf of our clients. We also handle the appeals of matters originally tried by other lawyers. Our lawyers have the advocacy skills required to prepare appellate briefs and to bring these written words to prepare appellate briefs and to life in oral argument.

Preserving a favorable outcome at trial, reversing errors made by the trial court, or defending against your adversary’s appeal, require unique appellate practice skills. These skills include the ability to analyze issues correctly, to write clearly and persuasively, and to coherently and persuasively argue before the panel of appellate judges who will decide your case. If you need representation in the Court of Appeals, call us. We can help.


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