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What is a Collaborative Divorce?

In a Collaborative Divorce, the parties reach out-of-court agreements and parenting plans that are negotiated by using a collaborative team to assist the parties. This team consists of the parties and their respective lawyers. Most teams also include a divorce coach to assist with communication and parenting issues, and a financial neutral to assist with cash flow, tax issues, and financial projections.

What makes a Collaborative Divorce unique is that the parties and their collaborative professionals pledge, in writing, to only negotiate to reach a resolution. The lawyers can never participate in litigation on behalf of their clients, and, in fact, have signed, along with the parties, a Collaborative Participation Agreement to that effect. The parties also commit to voluntarily provide all documents relevant to the process and not to hide assets, income, or any other pertinent information. These pledges create a safe space for each person to reveal his and her interests, concerns and goals. While the couple never actually relinquishes the individual right to litigate, each party knows that the other spouse’s lawyer, and other team members, will have neither the desire nor the opportunity to oppose them in court at a later date and time.

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