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DivorceChoice®: WHAT IS IT AND WHY USE IT?

Once the decision has been made to end a marriage, the most important question to be answered is “how” the parties will go about it. In every instance, the answer to “how” involves two components: what form will the negotiations take; and, what happens if the negotiation ends in a dispute or impasse. DivorceChoice® provides you with the flexibility to choose from among all your options in creating a process that suits you. You select, both, the Negotiating Model and the Dispute Resolution Mechanism with which you are most comfortable. The choices for the Negotiating Model include: four-way meetings with the parties and their counsel (either required or as requested by either party); mediation; facilitation; or, early neutral evaluation. The Dispute Resolution Mechanism options include: arbitration; a private judge; cooperative litigation; and parenting coordination. You are free to “stack” your choices. For example, the Negotiating Model can specify four-way meetings as requested, followed by mediation, before proceeding to the Dispute Resolution Mechanism. Once the choices have been made as to the Negotiation Model and Dispute Resolution Mechanism, these elements are set forth in a Participation Agreement signed by you, your spouse, and by your respective attorneys. The Participation Agreement is a binding and enforceable agreement. To the extent that the parties select arbitration as the way in which any dispute will ultimately be resolved, DivorceChoice® is, therefore, the only process that assures that you will not become involved in prolonged court litigation that is unnecessarily costly to the family, both economically and emotionally. DivorceChoice® also allows you to retain your attorney if you reach an impasse and move to the chosen Dispute Resolution Mechanism, even if it is litigation. 

The attorneys of Skirbunt & Skirbunt LLC have pioneered the advancement and development of choices alternative to litigation for clients. Jim Skirbunt created and developed DivorceChoice®, the most flexible, comprehensive, and customizable method of terminating a marriage. DivorceChoice® is a model suited to fit the needs of most families. If you would like to utilize DivorceChoice®, call us. We can help.

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