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What to look for in a Family Law Attorney?

If you find yourself facing one of life’s less desirable challenges like divorce or a custody battle, you understand the importance of finding a good family lawyer. 

You want a family lawyer who works to address the best interests of you and your family. How do you find a family law attorney who will be understanding, has the experience and will work tenaciously on your behalf? 

Instead of going to Google to search “family attorney near me,” read on for the things to consider when looking for a family law attorney.

What is Family Law?

Family law is a type of law where cases relate to family matters. Some types of family law include cases related to:

With so many ways to approach the changing dynamic of a family, it’s critical to have a family lawyer who is experienced in this type of law practice. 

The laws in these areas  are also unique from state to state. You want to find a family law attorney who is experienced not just with this type of law but also with the laws of your state.

Traits of a Quality Family Lawyer

When looking for an attorney to handle your case you want them to have traits that will help resolve and bring closure to your case. Family law attorneys should have certain attributes. Look for these qualities in your attorney:

  1. Good knowledge of the law seems obvious. But ask what experience the attorney has had with yourtype of case. 
  2. Passion for the law. It is important that your attorney not only understands the law but has the willingness to fight on your behalf.
  3. Ease and comfort: You want to feel comfortable talking to your lawyer about often complicated family matters. 
  4. Team player: You want an attorney who will, of course, work on your behalf, but you also want them to work well with other attorneys and judges so they can negotiate effectively on your behalf. 
  5. Creativity: when you are in the throes of a family crisis, you want your attorney to be a creative thinker to help find solutions. 

Sure, lawyers sometimes get a poor rap, but many are good and honest and hardworking people. You want to find an attorney who will approach solving your case with integrity.

Finding a Family Lawyer You Feel Comfortable With

One of the first steps is recognizing your family has reached a point that you now need legal help. If you anticipate the courts being involved, you want an attorney who is comfortable working in the county where you live, as it’s likely that’s where the case would be filed.

Start to look for attorneys. You can search online and read reviews. You can ask for the advice of people you trust who might have experience with area attorneys. 

Do some research by reading reviews. Set up an initial consultation to meet with the attorney. You want to find someone you feel like you can communicate with effectively.

Find a Family Attorney Near Me Who Can Help

Instead of searching online for a family attorney near me and choosing the first name that pops, give us a call. With over thirty years of family law experience, we can help with your case.

If you are in the greater Cleveland area and need some legal advice, contact us today. We have the experience and knowledge of family law you need.

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